What is Focusing?

Focusing is a method that allows you to gain access to the wisdom of your body. You learn to listen to yourself with full attention, awareness and acceptance. Everything you experience, think or feel leaves a trace inside your body. The treasures of your bodily knowledge are unlimited. Focusing enables you to uncover these treasures and make use of what your body knows. Focusing fosters a deep and beneficial relationship with yourself.

We often try to find a solution to a problem or the answer to a question by exclusively using our mind. However, experience tells us that this rarely leads to satisfactory results. Whenever emotions or relationships are involved, you need more than just thinking about the issue. Our mind tends to be influenced by past experiences.

With Focusing it is quite different. Here you can gain access to a deeper place in yourself which has a much more comprehensive knowledge including the future and is beyond mere thoughts and ideas. Once you have located a “felt sense*” that has something to do with a specific problem, you will sense an inner coherence, a deeply felt “Yes, that’s how it is!”. Change occurs when we stay with this felt sense, keep it company and allow it to unfold.

* “felt sense” is a term coined by Gendlin that combines the words feeling and sense, as in making sense but also sensing (roughly: felt meaning)

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