Biographical coaching

Life is like a hike. On a hike we can sometimes lose our way or our direction, and the same can happen in real life. We are constantly being asked to redirect our paths when old ones have become unsuitable or are closed to us. Some of the situations in which you are forced - or want  - to find a new direction are: crises, illness, divorce or separation and unemployment.

Reorientation is what you then need. Biographical coaching will help you to redirect your life path in a way that is consistent with yourself. My task in this is to be a professional guide en route to your new life.

The basis for our work is person-centered counseling as developed by Carl Rogers. The person-centered approach is a prototype for an encounter between two human beings meeting at eye level in a mindful and appreciative way. Empathy, unconditional acceptance and a trained non-judgemental way of listening and reflecting back what you say will enable you to explore your inner self in a such a way that a deep understanding for yourself develops. To know who I am is essential for exploring where I want to go. Your own questions will be the basis for this exploration.

We will examine your aims and the means and possibilities that are open to you to reach these goals. What resources do you already have or want to develop? At the end of our work you will look back and ask yourself “Have I arrived where I wanted to go? Is anything still missing?”

Some issues that can be explored with biographical coaching:

  • A professional or private crisis
  • Professional or private reorientation
  • Taking responsibility for yourself in illness
  • Retrieving your health
  • Burnout prevention
  • Developing your potential
  • Releasing blockages
  • Finding meaning in life
  • Analysing your values
  • Finding your life aims
  • Planning your future

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