My vision

„I have a dream…“, most of you will know Martin Luther King’s famous sentence. Here I want to tell you about my dream. Imagine a society in which everyone has gained deep self-knowledge, knows about the meaning of their lives, their major values and what is really, truly important to them; a society where people know their own potential and help each other to realize their potential.

What is more, imagine we were all capable of treating ourselves and others in a loving and accepting way and we were all able to listen deeply to each other the way Momo is able to listen to others in Michael Ende’s novel. Deep listening is the basis both for my biography work and Focusing..

I, for my part, would love to live in such a society. And that is why I work the way I do.

If you share this dream, then join me in bringing it about. Become part of the vision by

  • developing self-knowledge and thus realizing your potential
  • telling others of your experience with biography work and Focusing
  • learning Focusing, for example in one of my introductory workshops
  • learning to be a Focusing partner and applying your knowledge in your family, with your partner or colleagues – and of course using it for yourself
  • advertising or organizing workshops in your region
  • making use of your holidays to not only relax but also to further your inner development.