My way of combining biography work and focusing

Biography work and focusing are like two sides of the same coin. Both methods serve the same purpose: to help you understand yourself on a deep level. The starting point in biography work is your life history and its hidden wisdom. You will learn about central themes in your life, recurring motifs and the hidden meanings behind life crises. Biography work is first and foremost awareness work.

When focusing you use your body knowledge. This is like a compass telling you which direction to go in your life and what are the next steps for change. This body knowledge was always there in you, but very few of us have learnt how to uncover this treasure. When we are cut off from this life-supporting and carrying-forward energy, we feel blocked. Rien ne va plus. Focusing enables you to unearth the wisdom of your body and learn to trust it.

How does change occur?

Change is made possible by radically accepting all the different parts inside me.

Biography work and focusing complete each other in a unique way. Biography work enables you to reach a deep understanding of yourself and how you came to be the person you are. Focusing enables you to use the wisdom of your body. True change needs both. You may, for example, discover an issue in your life that is deeply distressing while doing biography work. It is not enough to know something about this subject. The way forward is to give this issue real attention as it appears inside your body. Very often this is the beginning of profound and lasting change.

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