The Art of Hosting Innovation

Empowering social change

In times of global economic, social and ecological crisis it is all the more urgent that we make a decisive move towards change. It is only too easy to feel discouraged in the face of such enormous challenges, but this should motivate us even more to mobilize all the forces within us which will help to make change possible.

There are many initiatives worldwide committed to bringing change about. One of these initiatives is The Art of Hosting Innovation. How can we support individuals as well as groups, organizations and companies to develop and implement their own vision of a better and sustainable future? How can we encourage people to not only explore their dreams but also to take them seriously and put them into practice? What are the potentials hidden in each one of us that we can use for a better future?

When I am helping people to understand their life story or using Focusing to assist them in exploring their innermost wishes and dreams, there is always an aspect beyond the purely personal. What kind of world do I want to live in? How can I take a few steps towards this aim? What is my task in life as seen from more than a personal viewpoint? What am I truly passionate about? What visions spur me on? How can I lead a meaningful life?

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