Workshop: Clearing a space and learning self-care Introductory course

More and more people complain about high demands and stress in their everyday lives. Due to the complexity of everyday life many of us no longer create the lives we want but can only react to what is there. Clearing a space is a way to avoid this trap. Our well-being depends on being able to create a certain distance between ourselves and our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Once we succeed in clearing some space we feel alive again and much better able to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

In this workshop you will go on a journey of self-discovery using exercises from biography work and Focusing.

Focusing is an easy-to-learn method of giving attention to your inner experience and its meaning in a mindful and accepting way. Our bodies often know a lot more than we are aware of. The aim of focusing is to learn to use this treasure of body knowledge. In this workshop you will learn different exercises to clear space and create freedom from what is bothering you. This will immensely help you to face the challenges of your life in a more relaxed way and to learn true self-care.